Bribie Solar Off-Grid Lighting and Power


The SR4500 Off-Grid Lighting & Power Supply

The SR4000 series of PV/LED products represents an exciting addition to Solar Powered’s range of energy saving products for the Australian Industry. Never before has there been such a ground-swell of support in Australia and around the world for reduction of greenhouse emissions and unity of support for providing our future generations with a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment.

The SR4110 Home Lighting System integrates an 18V PV solar Collector with a 12V Lead Acid Battery. The system is equipped with battery charging and discharge protection, battery short circuit protection, USB output over-current and short circuit protection. 3W LED lights are provided and an externally mounted fuse is provided to isolate the battery in periods of disuse.

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15 Watt, 30 Watt, 50 Watt


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The complete Solar Powered system is comprised of four parts: solar module, charge, and discharge management module, battery and optional load.

• Solar charge battery.
• AC to DC battery charger.
• Home Lighting (LED).
• Charge computer, television, media, etc.
• USB Booster


DIY installation is easy for a handyman

Read packaging for further details and installation instructions


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Our family enjoys camping for three weeks every year and this year we trialed the Bribie Island Solar SP-15 Off-Grid Light and Power System in our caravan. By day the panel, located outside of the annex, charged the battery and by night, we enjoyed light from the 2 led lights that were sufficient to light our camping site. Rainy days without sunshine were no problem, the battery life was amazing!
Nicola, Brisbane, Qld.