Bribie Solar outdoor motion sensor light

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There are so many applications for this Bribie Solar Powered Outdoor Motion Sensor Light.  No cables required.

“No wiring – Solar Power, Convenient and Safe”

Housing material dustproof and waterproof – perfect for outdoor use.

During daylight, the unit will stay inactive even when movement is detected.  The unit detects light brightness & movement automatically

Suitable for use as a pathway light, garden light, exterior home light

Weight 0.184 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 cm


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Simple D.I.Y Installation

Only 2 Screws!

The Bribie Solar motion light integrates a compact PV panel with a long life Lithium battery and an intelligent sensing system, the auto-sensing solar motion light has a 16 LED warm light display and sensor that will detect motion and switch from 30% power (dim mode) to 100% power. When you walk or drive away the light automatically switches to 30% power mode shortly afterwards. No electrician needed DIY installation.

solar powered outdoor motion sensor light


• Solar Panel – 5.5V 0.75W
• Power – 1 Watt
• Size – L105 x W53 x H138mm
• Sensor angle – 90 to 120 degrees
• Sensitivity distance – 3 metres
• Working temperature – -5 to 60C

Features and Benefits

• Easy to install on walls, trees, metal, and glass
• Intelligent sensing system provides overcharge, overvoltage, short circuit and more security protection
• Auto-sensing – detects light brightness and human motion automatically
• During daylight, the unit will stay inactive even when movement is detected
• No wiring, solar power, convenient and safe
• Housing material is high quality
ABS + PC, dustproof and rated IP65
waterproof, perfect for outdoor use

DIY installation is easy for a handyman

Read packaging for further details and installation instructions


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Sunshine Coast

I installed several Bribie Island Solar Motion Sensor Lights at my beach house early in 2016.
The sensor lights are completely exposed to the elements of wind, salt air, and rain.
The motion sensor lights continue to work every night and recharge during the day with sunshine. I thoroughly recommend the Bribie Island Solar motions sensors for gardens, carports, patios and around garages etc.
These lights require no electricity and are excellent products.